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ESUG 2010 in Barcelona

This year's conference logo was designed by my good friend Patty Gadegast . I just returned from the European Smalltalk User Group conference in Barcelona, Spain. It was a really nice experience. There was too much going on to report everything here, so I will just pick some favorites. Photo by Bert Freudenberg The event was hosted by citilab  Cornell√†. It started off with a Camp Smalltalk over the weekend. I already met quite a few people there. I couldn't mingle as much as I hoped to because I had to get the first Etoys 4.1 release candidate out of the door: Photo by Adriaan van Os Close by was "Yokohama Wok", a Japanese/Spanish restaurant with the best all-you-can-eat buffet imaginable. You could have everything from freshly cut ham to sushi, grilled steak or seafood, bread, pasta, rice, fruits, cake, desserts. Photo by Bert Freudenberg I talked to Stef (president of ESUG) and gave him a Squeak Etoys button , which he ended up wearing the whole week